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Togarepi in suspected murder


Togarepi in suspected murder




MASVINGO –  Regis Nelson Togarepi who is said to be related to Zanu PF Politburo member and Chief Whip Pupurayi Togarepi has been arrested for alleged murder.

Togarepi and his co-accused allegedly dragged the body of the deceased out of CSC Complex in Masvingo after the murder and dumped it in a bush. It is understood that Togarepi ran a maize milling company at CSC. 

He and two others allegedly assaulted and killed Maindidze (18), a fellow workers and they said that this is after the deceased attempted to break into the company workshop at midnight. They were allegedly found in the morning cleaning the clotted blood of the deceased.

The incident happened at around 1am yesterday.

The accused are Togarepi of Mabheure Village under Chief Makore in Gutu, Joseph Prudence Magombeyi (20) of Chidawanyika Village, Chief Watsomba in Mutare and Mathias Kokerai Murombo (33) of Murombo Village, Chief Makore in Gutu killed Takura Maindidze (18) the dragged him out of the complex.

Masvingo Police Spokesperson Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa confirmed the incident to The Mirror.

“The suspects should be taken to the police custody where they will be dealt with accordingly through the implementation of laws,” said Inspector Dhewa.

Unconfirmed reports say that the deceased came and broke into the warehouse.

Murombo alerted others and they confronted Maindidze calling him burglar. Maindidze was beaten all over the body with fan belt and he fell unconscious and died.

The accused allegedly dragged the deceased for about 400 meters towards Mucheke river and dumped him.

The deceased sustained deep cut on the left side of the forehead and multiple bruises all over the body.

Investigations were carried out leading to the arrest of the accused persons who were seen cleaning clotted blood at workplace.

Togarepi and Magombeyi were arrested at workplace where they were found in the process of cleaning blood. Murombo was apprehended walking in Zimuto street in Mucheke.

The body was taken to Masvingo Provincial Hospital for postmortem.

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