Tiringindi arrested over water demo


MASVINGO –  Masvingo Residents Trust (MRT) secretary general Prosper Tiringindi was arrested this morning (April 23, 2021) together with a group of women who converged at the Civic Centre to demonstrate for water.

Masvingo has not had water for the last three weeks following a fault at a Zesa transformer at Lake Mutirikwi which is yet to be attended to.

MDC A activist Admire Mufamba was also arrested during the demonstrations.

The group which carried empty buckets converged at the Civic Center at around 9am and they started their demonstrations in the gardens before proceeding to the entrance to the mayor and town clerk’s offices.

They were then arrested by the Municipal Police who later called in ZRP and they were whisked away to Masvingo Central.

Speaking to The Mirror over the phone, Tiringindi said it was likely that the demonstrators would be detained overnight before going to court tomorrow. He said that his lawyers were facing a hard time in trying to convince the Police to release them.

Part of the group’s grievances are that residents are being forced to go and fetch water from boreholes at night in violation of the Covid19 lockdown which requires them to be indoors by 10pm. The chilly winter weather makes the situation heart rending.

Tiringindi also said that residents are being forced to use alleys for relieving themselves, a situation that is creating a health time bomb.

They also argued that the water bills that they are paying to council are not commensurate with the water that they get. Residents are on average receiving water three times a week for a few hours but they get bills of US$30, according to Tiringindi.

He also complained against the council for cutting water supplies to residents despite that the water is reaching them at all. https://masvingomirror.com

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