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This is my life!!

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This is my life!!


The lawyers are working, the lecturers are working, the journalists are working and the doctor is working but many think that the pastor is playing and needs a real job.

Others think pastors are not supposed to have money. One day my complex caretaker asked me, “Why are you having an extra car? I said the other one is for business and he said what business? You are a priest you shouldn’t be doing business, your duty is to direct people there, pointing to the heavens.

I said “then if I concentrate on that only how will I feed my family?” Probably I know what he doesn’t know!

This is some sad truth that I’ve discovered, most people think everyone else in every other profession is really busy, but when it’s a pastor, they say  indirectly and others even directly, go and look for a real job’.

Wow well done!

We applaud professions that don’t offer real value to people’s lives but think less of those that do. Footballers earn far more than doctors, comedians earn far more than teachers,

Do you know that majority of pastors are actually struggling financially, taking multiple jobs and even menial ones not only to survive but to sustain the church too? The sad thing is these pastors won’t tell you, especially the ones who probably deserve it more.

Most pastors earn very little or nothing which is not much of an issue to many because we are supposedly working for God. I have been wondering why many pastor’s children turned out to be very wild, now I have the answer. Most of them are bitter because of how their parents are treated within their profession. People expect a lot from their pastors but do very little or nothing for them.

Sometimes people don’t even ask if the pastor is okay or not, you think he/she is a superman/woman and you think that’s fine? How has Messi helped your life or given you a new hope for living after winning the World Cup? How has Ronaldo saved your marriage or helped deliver you from addiction after signing a big contract in Saudi Arabia?

But your pastors are involved daily, bearing the brunt of helping people live a better life and yet when we see them own few things we behave as though they don’t deserve anything. Let me tell you today in case you don’t know, being a pastor is one of the most demanding and sacrificial work on earth.

I am a pastor. I have been a Pastor for the past 18 years.

I have been to Police stations several times because of church members. I have visited several hospitals and spent nights there awake because of my church members. Sometimes hiding my trauma to protect and encourage those around me.

One day I drove from Pretoria to Giyani, that’s about 450 km in the middle of the night, arrived in the early hours of the morning to attend a wedding of a member. Unfortunately when we arrived in the area the member could not give us clear directions to a point where we had to drive up and down in the area for two hours not getting to the place. Another woman I was driving with said “pastor let’s go back to Pretoria”, but I kept on sacrificing for my member.

I have travelled long distances, given up my belongings, solemnized couples, sometimes attended to marriages at the verge of divorce, and conducted funerals all because of church members. One day I found myself in the midst of a very traumatic experience in the community where our church is. Three children had drowned in a small dam that was created by a construction company. They died, local politicians and community leaders chose me to conduct the funeral. I was devastated, I was traumatized. These boys’ mothers had questions that I could not answer but I soldiered on till we buried the kids.

What I’ve come to discover in my few years of ministry is when something bad happens to church members, they all come crying asking me in tears ‘pastor why? Some even question your spirituality!

Who else is supposed to answer such a question? It’s always the pastor. Yet in the midst of that, we bring courage and restore hope.

Here is my biggest challenge, when it comes to pastors having money, people will frown and wag their tongues against it. And yet the economy is no different for pastors! Load shedding is also happening in your pastor’s house. Petrol stations do not have special prices for pastors!

Everyone else cries but when a pastor does, he has no faith or power!

Everyone can bring their problems to the pastor, but no one asks if the pastor has eaten, he should tell it to God after all he is called by God.

Everyone else can be forgiven when they make mistakes, but pastors’ mistakes are unforgivable and unforgettable.

Everyone can be rich but not pastors, lest the society begins to talk. When you are poor they still talk. He is doing this because he/she wants our money. The most painful part of my experience as a pastor is this because of the nature of my job I have to always look presentable irrespective of my bank balance and most people mistake that to having lots of money so when they ask for it and you say you don’t have money they start to question your love for them!

You will read headlines, “Members are poor but pastor is rich” but you won’t ever hear of or read when “members are rich and their pastor is poor”.

You think it doesn’t happen? Recently I was at a family funeral and my Dad’s brother introduced me to someone I honestly don’t know and the conversation went like. “Do you know him?” one of the pastors in Pretoria then the response was how can I not know him he is one of the thieves in Gauteng. Till now that statement still rings in my ears.

In my early years of ministry I have seen a church where many members had big cars but they all drove home without anyone offering to drop the pastor and his family home first, not to talk of buying him a car.

Look as I conclude let me tell you, if you see a pastor doing different jobs while in ministry, let your heart be moved favorably toward them and treat them honorably especially your pastor. They’re sacrificing a lot to make things happen in and outside church.

Instead of you quoting scriptures to teach your pastors how he/she should work (as if pastoring is not hard work), it should be your desire to be able to care for them to the point where they won’t have to do other jobs to survive.

Don’t join the bandwagons of those who dislike pastors and do all they can to defame them


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