There was an alarming number of shoppers in Masvingo CBD today despite Covid19 lockdown

Mirror Reporter

Masvingo – Masvingo City today almost returned to normal with the streets teaming with people and cars while supermarkets were crowded.

One could be forgiven for thinking that the lockdown has been lifted. This comes on the backdrop of a worsening situation where the number of Covid19 deaths shot to 47 yesterday.

Police made little arrests while money changers had a free reign lining up shop entrances and selling currencies.

Several people who spoke to The Mirror in interviews expressed shock at the number of people allowed by the Police to enter into the CBD today.

Masvingo Covid19 Provincial Taskforce spokesperson, Rodgers Irimayi said the situation had been relaxed to allow workers who earned their salaries today to buy food to stock in their homes. The Mirror understands that those who got paid today were members of the Zimbabwe national Army.

Investigations by the newspaper also showed that there are 10 000 disadvantaged residents who earn US$12 per month from the World Food Programme who were also paid yesterday and were allowed into the CBD.
Irimayi however, said there would be a lockdown enforcement committee meeting to discuss issues of tightening the lockdown.

Angeline Victor a nurse at Morgenster said the number of people in the city center was frightening and alarming and said she had noticed that the lockdown was being relaxed gradually.

James Chibhowa an HR manager with a local company said there were too many people in the CBD and the day looked like a normal day.

A man known as Magomo who works for a fast food outlet said there were too many people at OK where in an effort to congest customers were made to queue for almost twenty minutes before entering the supermarket. He urged the Police to take swift action because the virus would spread fast.

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