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The ‘special’ bar lady at Waterfalls’ Montgomery

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The ‘special’ bar lady at Waterfalls’ Montgomery



Montgomery Shopping Center is so named because that is where it is.

It is situate at the corner of First Street and Montgomery Avenue in downtown Waterfalls, a place in time where alcoholics drink

A place in time where addicts abound.

Only one song sings true.

It says

“My relationship with
you is based on

You look like you dish it
to all and sundry

Do you really love me?

Let me know before l
commit myself and
make a loss.”

In total contrast to the song, insincerity sits at the heart of Montgomery Shopping Center.

The crew of krango drinkers greet motorists with feigned respect;

“Big Dhara, I see today
you are driving the
latest model of the
Gold Mafia itself. You
are a dog that bites, my
big man. Buy the fifty
cents bomb for me,
your little puppy that
adores you.”

And on account of their false hyperbole, the krango crew gulp the tiny bottles of strong alcoholic beverages until their bodies and minds cease to function, and they never bother to wash their bodies or go to work.

Those that stick.

And a bar lady at Montgomery giggles and flutters false eyelashes at customers, flattering them, enticing them to spend;

“What can I do for you
my big bellied brother
in law? How is my
sister behaving at
home? If she’s
tormenting you, I’m
here to soothe you
and compensate you
for my sister’s
misdeeds in more ways
than one. What are you
drinking today?”

And the big bellied imbibers would be flattered and they would purchase liquor extravagantly until they are stoned, and the bar lady would overcharge them and fleece them of their change.

And the destitutes sit and spend the whole day at the Muti Wenhamo (tree of poverty) site, gloating and boasting about their drinking and fighting prowess.

Yes, they boast about being champions of drinking the liquor that is roasting their livers, and the fist fights they always lose.

But the drunks of Montgomery always reconvene at Montgomery Shopping Center to be scamed and fleeced and beaten, the same way Zimbabweans flock to the voting polls every five years.

Addicts of defeat.

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