The poor drunk couple that entertained villagers

lt was soft and endearing, full of pain. It was a singing voice that tormented the soul.
It was a voice that came from both husband and wife, but it came out as that of an ltalian soloist, contradictory, complimentary, full of gratitude and pain. l used to wonder whether husband and wife of the singular voice met at a sorrowful song contest, and married each other because they both wanted the same thing, to sing and to drink;
“Beer, l shall one day
stop it
It is a bad thing which
And the sonorous singular voice of husband and wife wandered from village to village, and became famous from as far afield as Mazibisa village throughout the homelands of Tubugare, and within the sorrounds of Mguzumbi itself, and to Chivi Village and beyond. And the duet crooned;
“I was destroyed
I lost money
I fought with others.
Beer, l shall one day
stop it
It is a bad thing which
impoverishment. “
But The Voice still wandered to the distant homes of Poshayi, Hananda, Mazioni, Munyimani and beyond, and the fields of the singing couple suffered and their home was neglected as they staggered from village to village, performing for beer and food;
“There goes Dhenene
He has feasted at his
Some have had their fill
from meat.
Others have had their
fill from sadza
But Dhenene has
satisfied and satiated
himself with beer
There goes Dhenene
He has feasted at his
There goes Dhenene
He jumps and dances
and rejoices.”
And there would always be thunderous and uproarious applause.
The Voice of happiness in the face of poverty.

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