‘The place in Shurugwi where Kilimanjaro got his juju’

Mangoromera is the ability to fight and defeat an opponent without tiring.

Any opponent, every opponent.

Mangoromera is a concept deep seated in African custom. A man’s worth was measured by his fighting prowess.

Hierarchy of authority among herdboys was determined by fist fights.

A man who lost a fight was no man at all. How could he defend and protect his family if other men ran roughshod over him?

So the African traditional man invested in enhancing his fighting prowess. And the fighting prowess of his sons.

Through black magic.

Few knew the Mangoromera ritual, and it was a closely guarded secret.

But even the best kept secret escapes its keepers.

A wasp makes its home from an ingredient not known to village men. Its home is called the hornet’s nest. The wasp protects its nest with a potent piercing sting. Not even the bravest man can withstand the hornet’s sting. Retreat and flight are the only options.

In Shona, its called “Nhundu YeMago,” the fortress of the flying insect that makes enemies shiver and flee.

The belief is that the potence of the wasp’s nest transforms a man into an invincible fighter. It was mixed with remnants of a bee hive, a lion’s fat, the ashes of the black jack plant, and administered into a man’s arms through tiny incisions made by a razor blade, a task only done by a naked old woman past child bearing age in the dark of night, who intoned the Gods Of War and Valour to enter the body of the recipient.

And a fighter was thereby born.

So there was talk that George Kumontsa had received mangoromera, thats why whoever he hit with a clenched fist dropped dead, and each time George himself revived his victim by urinating on his face.

A boy from Muteliso village once hit a troublemaker at lnsaka Bar at Tongogara Growth Point in rural Shurugwi. The troublemaker toppled from the verandah of the bar and fell headlong into the dust and remained still. Everyone thought he was dead. But after a tense and anxious moment, the troublemaker rose, turned around and fled home to Chivi Village where he worked as a herdboy. Everyone cheered and started gossiping;

“Don’t you know that
the boy who hit him is
Mboma’s son who has
the most potent
ngoromera this side of
Tongogara? “

Once when Brighton Hwami fought and defeated Ndugu the Council employee, the whole township was spellbound by Brighton Hwami’s tenacity and boxing skill.

“Power, power, power”

Brighton Hwami shouted before he advanced at his opponent and punished him and pulverised him with strong accurate blows to the head. Ndugu turned around and fled. The crowd went into a frenzy;

“I told you Ndugu
stands no chance,
Hwami is the best
fighter from Tumba
Village because he is
endowed with

Reports say a popular Zimbabwean boxer called Kilimanjaro used to visit a famous medicine man who lived near Svika, up north towards Chief Nhema’s household.

And when Kilimanjaro beat a Zambian boxer called Kalala in a thrilling encounter, the bars at Tongogara were abuzz with gossip;

“The medicine man
from up north went to
Manicaland and
brought mangoromera
for Kilimanjaro. There
was no way Kalala
could beat him.”

It didn’t help matters that Kalala himself made a press statement accusing Kilimanjaro of winning the bout through the use of juju.

And Oliver Mtukudzi sang about it;

“Mangoromera is a
useless phenomenon
Day in day out
ngoromera cannot
settle disputes in a
civillized manner.”

Still, villagers look with awe upon a man famed with possessing mangoromera, the devastating gift of demolition and destruction. https://masvingomirror.com

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