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The Mirror is one of the best newspapers in Zimbabwe – Mahoso

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The Mirror is one of the best newspapers in Zimbabwe – Mahoso



MASVINGO – The Mirror which recently came tops in a national media survey as one of the most widely read newspapers in the country got another feather in its cap when former media lecturer and chief executive officer of the Zimbabwe Media Commission Dr Tafataona Mahoso told a gathering of journalists from all media houses in Masvingo last Friday that the regional paper has become one of the best in Zimbabwe. 

Dr Mahoso described The Mirror as a balanced newspaper from which those in Harare and other places depend on for truthful and accurate stories from Masvingo Province and the Southern region. 

He applauded The Mirror for its quality and professionalism and added that the impact of the paper matches any in the country and was competing well with national newspapers like The Herald. 

He said The Mirror’s impact was national. 

“In 2012, it was a different story. Today The Mirror has changed and it is of very good quality and is one of the best newspapers in the country. It compares and competes well with newspapers like The Herald. The Mirror is an example of a quality newspaper. 

“We in Harare depend on The Mirror for accurate and extensive coverage of what is happening in Masvingo and the Southern Region. The newspaper covers every district,” said Dr Mahoso. 

Mahoso is not the first media expert to complement The Mirror. Another director of a media regulator, Loughty Dube of the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ) told a gathering at the launch of a new Masvingo newspaper some three years ago that The Mirror and The Chronicle were his best newspapers and he would not miss The Mirror for anything. 

A few weeks ago, the Zimbabwe Advertising Research Foundation (ZARF) released its Zimbabwe All Media and Products Survey (ZAMPS) and rated The Mirror as the most widely read weekly private newspaper in the country. The Mirror was, according to the report also the only newspaper in Zimbabwe that grew in readership this year. 

A research by Blessing Jona a senior media lecturer at National University of Science and Technology (NUST) released last year described The Mirror as a unique and succesful hybrid newspaper. 

Mirror Editor Nkulumani Mlambo said the statement by Dr Mahoso was a further affirmation of The Mirror’s indisputable position in the market. 

“It was neither a solicited statement nor a statement issued from smoky corridors of bars. Dr Mahoso like all other media experts before him, made the pronouncement before a representative gathering of men and women of the Fourth Estate. 

“Mahoso just like ZARF and VMCZ is one of the most qualified persons to make pronouncements on this subject. 

“As The Mirror we are in competition with no one but quality. Quality and good service to our readers and advertisers is our mission. We are proud that we are standard bearers and our template has been copied by many newspapers including national stables. 

“We thank the readers and advertisers for making us who we are,” said Mlambo.  –https://masvingomirror.com

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