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The king kicked out of town by a servant


The king kicked out of town by a servant


Thank goodness its a Friday . We are in a new week new gossips. That’s what I like about this small town of Masvingo . You change the mood abruptly, from crying to smiling or vice-versa.  So If you are in HOTH;s crosshairs you won’t be missed because he is a professional sniper.

So last week we had the David and the hapless servant story, right. Do you think that will ever end?  It was there even during the olden biblical times when King David was attracted to the beautiful Bathsheba. Despite being married to 300 wives and 700 concubines, the King’s heart was attracted to the Uriah’s wife. 

One thing I want you to understand my guys, is that women really love money, fame and power. If you don’t have any of the above then be prepared for a heartbreak or you should always stay with anti-depressants. My advice from HOTH is “Tanhai dzamunosvikira vakaomana”

Anyway unenge wazvibatira hako , but mavharucha anongotora halo. Just like how that guy first capitalised on the first opportunity he available and ended up banking that poor guy’s wife in a hotel in Harare. 

Hey guys pamwe inzwai tsitsi, inzwai ngoni …singing hangu. I was still smarting from the issue that happened kuAMF uko, but I am was slapped in the face when I heard another guy fell in the same predicament. Hey Mambo musadaro because mum wenyu uyo. 

So HOTH is told there was this King’s son. Eheezve mwana Wamambo zveee. I am told he is known for sending people where they are made to work for the State without pay. Those social misfits who are known for staying on the side of the law. 

I am not some who is always chasing after people, but some the things that happens in our ancient city makes me think twice. Hanzi mwana Wamambo snatched that woman who runs a pub somewhere out the town from this miserable mechanic. 

Uyu zvee uyu wekunzi aimbova kumhiri zvee uko. Some say she was the real wife of the late hustler who used to own that popular joint in the Salisbury. In my Dreams …mwanasikana ini ndakuda, muhope dzangu ndinewe…singing hangu. I have a read a lot stories about their love story which I cannot verify.because the are a lot of missing links in them. But who am I to judge . What I know is that Mathangi “Maya”Arupragasam whose stage name is MIA was going out with mwana Wamambo and the hubby was so pissed out to the extent that he made a complain to his bosses.

Unfortunately, or fortunately mwana Wamambo was transferred to Harare. To worsen the matter his bosses included the issue in their report and announced it in public. Asi ashunya agwa. The guy akatoisa a left hook Mwana Wamambo akadonha paya akatonzi iwe enda kuharare. 

That was bad Wamambo but you got what you were looking for. Unoita munhikwi nevapfanha ava. Til we meet again have a pleasant time. Ciao for now. https://masvingomirror.com

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