The Great Msuma tree that stood time

Its existence has transcended generations. Its existence has defied the transient nature of human existence.
It is the great Msuma tree.
It stood firm during the reign of VaMasama The Great and his eight wives and 26 sons.
During VaMasama’s days, the giant plant was named after his first wife VaJane, because that is where she used to grow her round nuts. It was thus called Msuma WaVaJane.
But when VaMasama and his eight wives and his herd of 200 cattle and his ox drawn wagon perished, the great Msuma tree survived.
Wealth and fame can be extinguished, but not the great Msuma tree.
After VaMasama’s generation entered the ancestral world, his 26 sons inherited his land. In the midst of their inheritance, stood the great Msuma tree; tall, dignified and benign.
And it became known as Msuma wokwa Mai Dhevison, in honour of VaJane’s daughter who tilled the land adjacent to it.
It still bore plentiful fleshy and juicy fruit, which birds, animals and humans devoured with sweet relish.
It is The Great Msuma Tree, perpetual in its generosity.
Until there was conflict!

A cowardly quarrelsome black bird called a crow perched its nest at the height of the great Msuma tree, and it produced dark chicks. It patrolled the sorrounds of the great Msuma tree with paranoia, and attacked anything thereat with senseless violence.
It collided with the sons of VaMasama’s twenty six sons who were herding cattle near the great Msuma tree who fought with the crow using stones and catapults and rage. But the boys were small and stood no chance against the black terror of the sky.
They fled, and left their cattle unattended.
The cattle strayed and destroyed the crop of a neighbouring villager who was incensed and confronted VaMasama’s 26 sons. And the small herdboys who fled the crow were beaten and punished and they cried, all because of the crow.
And the great Msuma tree, now a source of conflict.
Is it a crime to exist for the benefit of man, bird and animal? VaMasama’s 26 sons had to make a decision. Something in the ecosystem chain had to be destroyed. And they sent Sekuru Jesmairi Murambwi to the great Msuma tree. He was armed with a small axe and a rope. He was on a mission to destroy.
And Sekuru Jesmairi Murambwi climbed the lofty heights of the great Msuma tree and killed the dark chicks and destroyed the crow’s nest and returned home with a victorious smug.
And the great Msuma tree still exists to this day. Dark, depressed and deceived.
Who says a natural resource should be exploited by one at the expense of the other?

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