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TelOne appeals to ZIFA to dock points on Sheasham for ‘cheating’ 

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TelOne appeals to ZIFA to dock points on Sheasham for ‘cheating’ 


Sydney Ncube

MIDLANDS-Second-placed Central Region Division One and former Premier Soccer League (PSL) side TelOne FC has appealed to the regional board to deduct points from log leaders Sheasham FC for fielding an illegible player in their five league matches.
Sheasham leads the log with 57 points from 25 matches, while TelOne is second with 54 points.
The player at the centre of the controversy is Tawana Alexander Chikore. He was allegedly registered to play for two clubs during the same window period. 
In February 2022, he allegedly penned a two-year contract with the Green Machine as Caps United FC is fondly referred to by its fans. The alleged registration took place during the initial registration period that closed on March 31, 2022. He was also in the books of Sheasham FC during the same period.

Chikore went on to play three matches for Caps United against Manica Diamonds on February 13, Black Rhinos on February 27 and Whahwa on March 6, 2022.
Sheasham FC went on to field the same player in their 1-1 draw against TelOne and Dulibadzimu and a 1-nil victory over Vumbachikwe. He was also included on the team sheet when Sheasham FC played against FC Platinum Under -19. Sheasham won the match 3-0.
TelOne secretary general Artwell Manyudza said the regional board must handle the matter according to the rules and regulations that govern football.
“The player Tawana Alexander Chikore was registered with Caps United in February 2022 after signing a two-year deal. The registration took place during the initial registration period that closed on March 31 2022. We still argue that the player was a registered player for Caps United. On its 2022 website PSL reflected Tawana Alexander Chikore as a Caps United player. 

There is evidence that on March 6, 2022, Chikore played for Caps United FC against Whawha FC at the National Sports Stadium.
He also played against Manica Diamonds on February 27, 2022, and Black Rhinos on February 13 2022.
“The letter from the PSL relied on by Sheasham to dismiss our complaint is a clear contrast of the FIFA Connect Information which shows that the player is indeed a Caps United player released to join Sheasham on March 31 2022. The first registration period for the year 2022 closed on March 31 2022. 
“Accordingly, the second registration of the player under Sheasham during the first registration period which closed on March 31 2022 was in clear violation of ZIFA Regulations on the status and transfer of players which state that a player may not be registered more than once during the window period. 

“This confirms that Chikore was irregularly registered to play for two clubs during the same period. Chikore was ineligible to play for Sheasham before the opening of the second registration period on July 1 2022. 
“We seek deduction of points from matches 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 in which the player participated as per order 36.1.4 which states that “use of an unregistered/ ineligible player in the league match, three points will be deducted and thrown away and a fine as set by the League from time to time,” reads part of the letter.
TelOne is also requesting an independent appeals committee to handle their matter.
“In line with the dictates of good governance and fair play, we kindly seek as we hereby do the recusal of Mr Gift Nyapomwe (Central Regional Administrator) from either hearing or investigating this complaint as he is conflicted and an interested party given his role in the registration of players in the region and in particular, this matter. 

In view of the foregoing, we request for an independent Appeals Committee whose constitution we should be informed of in line with the rules of the game, to look into this matter so that justice prevails in the good name of football. We reserve our legal rights and pray that the matter will be treated with urgency, transparency and fairness to avoid bringing the game into disrepute. 
“We are ready to provide any further evidence if required including witnesses to prove the participation of the said player during some of Caps United’s competitive matches during the 2022 soccer season”, reads the statement.
Telone FC is three points behind Sheasham with one game to go. Sheasham needs a win or draw to gain promotion. If TelOne wins their last encounter, they will only finish on 57 points.
Sheasham FC will finish their league campaign away to Loss Control FC, while TelOne FC will host third-placed Vumbachimwe FC.https://masvingomirror.com

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