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Teachers to get agric inputs – Minister Mugadza


Teachers to get agric inputs – Minister Mugadza



CHIPINGE – The Minister of Provincial Affairs for Manicaland, Misheck Mugadza has called upon those distributing government-sponsored agricultural inputs not to exclude teachers.

In addition to inputs, teachers must also be allocated land for farming, he said. He said there is no Government Policy that excludes teachers from the two benefits.

He was speaking at Rimbi High School in Chipinge during a recent belated Teachers’ Day Commemorations. His statement was greeted with wild cheering from the teachers.

He said teachers are a critical component in the development of the country and are also involved in farming hence they should also receive inputs. 

Mugadza said he received many complaints that teachers were being excluded from the inputs scheme and condemned the discrimination.

“I have heard complaints from teachers that they are not given inputs. That is not Government policy. Teachers must be given inputs,’’ he said.

Deputy Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Angeline Gata, said teachers are welcome to the inputs programme rolled out by the Government.

A teacher who spoke to this publication, Cames Dhliwayo, said it is sad to note that some view teachers as white-collar workers who cannot be farmers.

“We are Zimbabweans. Land is for us all. It is very important that the Minister has articulated Government policy. After all, the President said no one should be left behind and this inclusivity should be our Bible,’’ he said.

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