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Tax education is better than garnishing bank accounts– UNDP tax expert

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Tax education is better than garnishing bank accounts– UNDP tax expert



MASVINGO – Tax education is a much more effective way of achieving tax compliance than garnishing bank accounts, a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) tax expert, Melusi Tshuma has said.
He told journalists that it was their duty to report more on taxes.
Tshuma who is the UNDP National Coordinator of Tax for Social Development Goals (SDGs) told a workshop of journalists held at Flamboyant, a Regency Group hotel in Masvingo that studies have shown that tax compliance is best achieved through education than any other method.
He said that the media as the biggest source of information must be roped in to spread tax education through publicity and journalists reporting more on tax.
The three-day workshop therefore sought to capacitate journalists with tax knowledge for them to be able to report from an informed position.
“There are several viable strategies to enhance tax revenue in a manner that is both sustainable and fair.
“ZIMRA has the backing of the tax law. It can penalise and garnish bank accounts but studies have shown that the most effective way to achieve tax compliance is through tax education and that is where the media comes in,” he added.
“We therefore need to capacitate journalists on tax issues and once that happens, the journalists will be able to report on new developments in the tax system, the role between taxation and the achievement of SDGs and even assess performance of Zimra.
“The knowledge helps to improve compliance results in effective resource mobilisation for the achievement of SDGs,” said Tshuma.

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