Taridzo teacher the new donor in town

How are you comrades? Yes, comrades because obvious in a few days we are going to celebrate those who are in our Shake Shake office building who died for this country. Sorry I mean those who died during the liberation struggle. Yes, yes those are our real fallen heroes not these bogus komuredzi ava.

Hoth feels for real the hashtag #ZimbabweanLivesMatter has unraveled many feathers in a lot of political corridors. Hoth is enjoying every move. Tiri kwedu kumagumtrees uko I never knew kuti hondo inogona kurwirwa pasocial media mukuru vakamuka vachirova SONA vasati vasvusvura kudya kwemangwanani. Hezvo these are changing times indeed.

Dark forces and terrorist opposition groups are your there? You should know that we are currently re-calibrating our attacks on you. Tell even Juju that we don’t want any lectures from him. Even #HothLifeMatters too because during the winter season which is coming to an end I was so neglected. Well, that’s a story for another day.

Cde Zanu how are you? Chirandu Gono murisei henyu? The last time I checked schools were closed. Muriseiko nhai Rabbi vedu? I respect your profession especially when you are dealing with our mentally disadvantaged relatives ipo pedu apa patrust apa near that hill which borders our popular spot paMostaf apo.

I know chero mava henyu nemakore makumi mashanu asi guchu hamusikusiya because mbiri yenyu yasvika chero kuno kumagumtrees. I am told you have now become the town’s new sperm donor. Even gulez can testify that because of late she has been sweeping tonnes of used condoms from your marital bedroom every time she comes from bridge where she is also heading another school. This is too much vachitsvaira while your tenants are watching mmm Bla Cossie munyare.

Asi chii nhaiwe Cossie harawa yese yaita sewe so? You have a kid in varsity and one levelling his Os but unobhihevha kunge pwere same same natombana. You no longer care for your kids but you are always kissing the brown bottle at Jazire and donating both your sperm and your money kumaTaliban aya. What lesson do you want to teach your three sons? Ukawana nguva utikwanire.

You are busy hording these ladies of the night even during daylight. Iyo Cough Dhiii iyi haimbosangani newe sei nhai Chirandu? Asi unenge uri paFarm Fought Free kanhi iko kwedu kuZimuto uko? Or somewhere kuWest ikoko because if I am not mistaken I once met you muna Shebba Gava kwaGomba uko.

Iyo student yeGZ asi ndoyapedza all the fees dzevana because I am told you are not paying even a kobo for your kids` fees and you are not buying any food for children. Iye uyu wekuMucheke D uyu. You are all over the place semweya wetsvina Hoth is told you are sometimes holed at Soul shelter houses kuWest uko.

But Bla Kodza munomborasikawo futi. How would you feel if your woman starts dishing out your things like what you are doing? The last time I was in church I heard that other guy who claims to save our souls telling his congregants that “do unto others what you want them to do unto you.

But Kodza how can you threaten your wife with arrest after atsvaira a tonne of used condoms from your bedroom and remain hake ari silent. Please tell your nephew Henery to stop giving you girls and I am told you are dealing with cops at the police station near this council office inoita zvedzimba. Hoth will expose your syndicate.

“Yes at times I go to church. I might stay kumagumtrees but I am totally different from Kodza. Well for now let’s leave it here. Until next time let us be on virtual commemorations of our fallen heroes. Twabam! Iwe Kodza Zano gara mumba. Igore regonzo iri. https://masvingomirror.com

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