Tanganda teacher attempts to rape Grade 6 pupil

Pride Madora 

Chipinge – An unnamed Tanganda Primary School teacher allegedly attempted to rape a Grade 6 pupil that he had invited for extra lessons, Chipinge Times has been told.

The case happened last Friday.

Chipinge District Schools Inspector Abson Mapfumo confirmed the case to Chipinge Times and added that investigations are being conducted. Mapfumo declined to divulge the name of the teacher but said that the matter is already with the Police.

The allegations are that the teacher approached the girl’s parents and offered to do extra lessons for an undisclosed fee. Although the school head keeps all keys for the school during the holidays, the accused is said to have lied that his classroom keys were lost.

When the complainant arrived for extra lessons, the teacher told her to go and wait for others in the class. The accused followed her into the classroom and allegedly fondled her breasts before she ran out.

Mapfumo urged learners and guardians to report any misconduct by teachers to the Police or to the Ministry.

“Perpetrators  must be reported to the police or to the ministry so that they are weeded out of the system. Teacher are there to nurture the learners morally, academically and to protect them. Currently the Ministry has approved online lessons and no face to face lessons allowed,” said the DSI.

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