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Takaona responses to malicious allegations (Statement) 17.04.23

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Takaona responses to malicious allegations (Statement) 17.04.23


There is a malicious and defamatory article doing rounds on social media alleging that Matthew Takaona received and squandered US$6 000 donor funds intended for victims of political violence and Police is looking for him.
“Let me put the record straight and state that I never applied for funds, donor or otherwise for any political victims and neither did I receive any. The fact is that there is no Police looking for me and should ZRP have any interest, they know where to find me.
“The irony of this article is that I am a renowned and respected anti-corruption crusader both in my social and professional life. I have also headed several organisations and managed huge funds before and not for a day did I not account for a cent.
The public must ignore the gutter for what it is; smear campaign.
“The day is not too far off when the amateurish, cheap politicking, cowardice author of this mischievous and hateful article is positively identified and the motive unraveled. The rope can only be this long for cyber criminals!”

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