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Sweat before you eat

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Sweat before you eat



The Creator gave me a gift of ten beautiful toes. Each one of them is there for a reason or reasons. Some of them we may never come to know them. Could have been one, two, seven or nine toes on each foot. Maybe none at all. Why five on each foot, only the Creator knows. You see this human body is a complex computerized machine that no human being will ever be able to fully understand and replicate.

However, since Chibhoraniland is a country of wonders in comes this talk of the sale of toes for huge sums of United States Dollars. It is said that all you need to do is get one of your toes chopped and you get loads of brand new notes according to the size of the one you are giving up. Never mind what your precious organ is going to be used for. We are fast becoming a get-rich-quick people. This is evidenced by the rampant corruption that has now become a national pandemic. Thefts and violent robberies are on the increase on a daily basis. Illegal miners are digging up minerals whenever and wherever they want even right under highways and other people’s buildings. In business unreasonable price increases are leaving consumers poorer while goods and service providers become richer. Stories abound of people who acquire goblins in order to get rich quick. Even in the religious circles there is talk of people who go to foreign countries to get healing and miracle powers so that more people can come to their churches and in the process they get stinking rich. Don’t forget the traditional ‘’divisi’’ that is said to fill your granaries to the brim while you are sleeping. If only these ‘’divisi’’ people could fill up all GMB depots in Chibhoraniland we would never go hungry and no one of us would have to toil in the fields.

Now we are faced by this crazy toe craze that has gripped the whole Chibhoraniland nation. Do they have it in our neighbouring countries too, I wonder! True or not, the whole thing shows how Chibhoraniland people are ready to do anything that can make them rich quick. Never mind what is said that once cut your toe will never heal, and you will die in 5 years’ time. These kinds of riches always come with life threatening prices and other stringent conditions that smack of satanism. Never ever play with Satan. He is a python that entice you with beautiful colours only to squeeze and swallow you in the end. I can understand someone who donates his kidney or other body parts when faced by a life threatening situation. The donor may even ask for a small fee. That is well and good. After all one can never put a price on any human body part although someone can live without it. Chibhoraniland citizens, the Creator said ‘’tichadya cheziya,’’ let us sweat before we can eat. NdiSekuru Taurai vataura.

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