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Svadopinda hasvo svikomana, says Masvingo


Svadopinda hasvo svikomana, says Masvingo


By Dumisani Kufaruwenga

Our dialect is our voice. Its how we speak. Its how we express ourselves.

Its spoken in Gweru and Shurugwi and Zvishavane, but mostly in  Masvingo.

Its where the Karanga dialect of the Shona language is spoken, with proprietary pride.

Ihwi rokwedu!

Our dialect.

The karanga dialect is rich. It chooses the deep sounds which express and evoke a sense of belonging.

 “Wezhira vhuya uzvivonere”

I beckon thee, sons and daughters of our fathers, come and witness for yourselves.

And so the liquor and the gossip flow.

 “Chiya chokwa Majange ndochiri panyanga mazuvano.

 Chiri kudhla.”

Our own sister from Majange is now a beneficiary of Zanu PF largesse. She has joined the feeding trough.

 “Chedu Majange!”

And everyone in the rural areas of Gutu, down to Rafemoyo which produced educated children, down to Zvavahera where they sell cold beer, up to Chenyika where they built beautiful homes, the Karangas gossip about the yellow colour that has engulfed the whole nation.

 “Svadopinda sviya.”

I predict the young man has landed the top post.

This is what they say. This is what we say.

Since when, has our voice been wrong?https://masvingomirror.com


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