Supermarket watchman cheating with till operator

Mask up! Sanitise! Keep Social Distance! Avoid touching surfaces as much as possible! What is it about this supermarket guys, tell me, kuita saRotina Mavhunga kudero. Uku kune nhire chaidzo, vanamusoro bhangu. Iko kusanyara, moshanda seiko mose muchiita chihure chinenge chembwa kudero. Kana kusvoda.

HOTH wanted to concentrate on Chirimuhanzu uko kwadai kunetsa, but HOTH is told there are now serious matters involving deaths and court appearances for some parastatal managers and madhumeni vadya mari yemaInputs nemahure, vana vechikoro and married women, the list is endless.

As a result of those developments I have decided to allow them to have time to mourn their beloved ones and
prepare papers for their court appearances, chegore rino. The supermarket chaincha nged its name a few years ago and renovated, it is located in the CBD. Kurisei kuZimre Building neBus Stop yekuNemamwa uko.

The relationship involves two married nincompoops fromM ucheke, yes they are all married, very married.

Inotambika patahwindi. If you are happy with one wife imagine having three or fourgi rlfriends, you die with happiness. Kufa chaiko kuti fififi. Zero centimetres apart. Five cents one hour. Kwai kana mukadzi achikwanisa kuisa nzara, tsiye nevhudzi pamusoro perimwe, oo what can stop her from having an affair, iye achiirikidza zvinhu pamusoro pezvimwe.

The matter between the devilish adulterers came to the fore after Jeu’s husband was tipped and he set up a trap and found the two in his matrimonial bedroom. True, they were caught red handed mumba memurume

For doubters about the affair at the Nonga Ubhadhare Supermarket, here are the names of the culprits.
The security man is called Nobreto and the till operator is called Vonai or something to do with kutarira and the
surname is Jure.

Ndapedza nemwi handidi zvokunetswa, ndoda kuchinja mask yangu.

Till next week, makuhwa ngaatsve.

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