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Sugarcane industry players set for Brazil study tour

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Sugarcane industry players set for Brazil study tour


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CHIREDZI-The National Competitiveness Commission (NCC) has plans to take players in the sugarcane value chain on a five-day study tour in Brazil, the world’s biggest sugarcane producer.
NCC chief economist Douglas Muzimba told a sugar competitiveness seminar in Chiredzi on Thursday that the tour will be for the industry players to have an appreciation of best practices in sugarcane production.
Muzimba said the tour will take place from September 25-29, 2023. The delegation will include representatives from sugarcane farmers, refiners, Zimbabwe Sugarcane Association Experiment Station (ZSAES) researchers, Farmers associations, Zimbabwe Sugar Sales (ZSS), Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, water, climate and rural development.
“The purpose of the tour is for the sugarcane value chain players to learn to improve production efficiency, farming practices, research on new varieties of sugarcane, funding along the value chain, build a network with sugarcane farmers, and create a sustainable partnership which results in information sharing and share insights,” he said.
He also told the seminar that several sugarcane value chain players in Brazil as Brazil Sugar Industry, Sugar Technology Centre, Dedini, Coplacana, Apla and Unica will participate in the educational tour.
Muzimba told The Mirror on the sidelines of the seminar that they came up with the idea to tour Brazil after attending the Global Federation of Competitiveness Council (GFCC) Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the South American country in March 2022.
“NCC is a member of GFCC. In March 2022 we attended an AGM in Brazil and the Global Innovation Summit, that’s when we came up with the idea of bringing sugarcane players to Brazil for them to appreciate international best practices,” said Muzimba.
Zimbabwe Sugar Development Association (ZSDA) chairperson Elisha Tamirepi said they are eagerly waiting for the tour to improve their farming skills.
“We are looking forward to the trip as farmers. We anticipate to learn more in as far as sugarcane production is concerned,” he said.

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