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Sudanese ministry condemns attack on diplomatic missions

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Sudanese ministry condemns attack on diplomatic missions


Fighting in Sudan between the Sudanese military and the Rapid Support Forces paramilitary has seen an
attack on the Indonesian embassy in Khartoum and the theft of an embassy motor vehicle, both blamed
on the paramilitary.
The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the attack.
There is an armed power struggle between two leaders in a joint military government that has led to
fighting between the regular army and a powerful paramilitary force which has seen many people killed
and vital infrastructure destroyed.
The Sudanese Foreign Affairs Ministry said in a statement that the attackers stole a Toyota Prado.
“While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regrets violations of these rebel forces, it calls on the international
community to condemn the criminal behaviour in strongest terms,” it said.
“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs renews its keenness on the necessity of safety and respect for the
sanctities of diplomatic headquarters and their staff against these criminal violations as guaranteed by the
Vienna Treaty on diplomatic and consular relations, to which the Republic of Sudan is fully committed.”
Further the ministry denounced rebel rapid support militiaʼs violations of the truce and human rights by
looting property and making civilian homes military headquarters.
“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns, renews its strong condemnation of rebel rapid support forces
practices and their fragrant violations of international community and human rights and international
laws,” it said. Herald

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