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Stray buffaloes seriously injure Bikita woman

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Stray buffaloes seriously injure Bikita woman


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BIKITA – Stray buffaloes reported by The Mirror to have been spotted in Buhera District yesterday, have attacked and seriously injured a woman from Zambakwe Village in Chief Budzi’s area in neighbouring Bikita District today.

Police spokesperson Kudakwashe Dhewa said he was not in the office when The Mirror called him for a comment. Chief Budzi however, confirmed the incident.

The Mirror is reliably informed that Monica Mukamba (50) was attacked by a buffalo at around 10 am while washing plates next to her hut and it is suspected that she suffered a broken rib. Chief Budzi told The Mirror that the incident happened 15 km deep into Bikita villages.

“The stray buffaloes are 15km deep into the villages from Save Conservancy. We are afraid that they are going to attack more people if the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management (Zimparks) doesn’t immediately locate them and take them back to the conservancy,” said Chief Budzi.

Villagers complained against the slow response by Zimparks which could see more people being attacked. Mukamba’s neighbour Zebron Gumireshe said Zimparks was called immediately after the attack at 10 am but the park rangers only arrived at 5 pm this evening.

Mukamba was taken to Dewure Clinic where she was referred to Birchenough Bridge Hospital.

Zimparks spokesperson Tinashe Farawo said his team is on the ground to relocate the buffaloes and promised to give an upadate about the situation as soon as he got hold of the team.

Gumireshe said parents have since started their children to and from school buffaloes.

“We aredisappointed with ZimParks. They ae taking long to act on reports of dangerous stray animals. We reported the attack in the morning and its almost sunset now before they come,” said Gumireshe.

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