Stray buffalo gores Mwenezi man


MWENEZI – A buffalo that extricated itself from a snare has killed a man in Mujingwe Ranch in Mwenezi.

Lovemore Shereni (43) from Mwenezi was attacked by the raging buffalo after he went too close to it and died on the spot on Monday at around 3pm.

On the fateful day Trust Chifuri and Zivanai Ncube informed Shereni and his friend Takavada Mtetwa (36) who drinking marula beer popularly known as mukumbi at home and told them that they saw a trapped buffalo in Mujingwe Range.

Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa confirmed the incident and told The Mirror that the four went to where the buffalo was trapped and Shereni is said to have gone closer to the beast.

The buffalo is said to have cut loose and started running after Shereni and hit him four times with its horns until he started bleeding profusely while lying on the ground and it sped away into the ranch.

Although the other three men tried to resuscitate him, he died on spot.

The incident was reported to Mulelezi Police base in Mwenezi.

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