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Stop self-diagnosis, googling for answers – Kwekwe health workers told

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Stop self-diagnosis, googling for answers – Kwekwe health workers told



KWEKWE – Kwekwe General Hospital Medical Superintendent, Dr Bruce Mhondiwa has advised medical staff at the health center to stop self-diagnosis and googling for answers about their health conditions.
He advised them to seek medical attention when they have health problems.
He said the problem with self-diagnosis is that you end up prescribing yourself wrong medicine and even with that medical knowledge, no one knows everything.
Dr Mhondiwa was addressing hospital staffers, different company representatives at a wellness symposium at the hospital last Friday.
He said that the knowledge that one has about health does not translate into health care.
“Despite our knowledge of the importance of healthy behavior. This knowledge does not always translate into self-care.
“The consequences of an unhealthy workplace can adversely affect our morale, productivity and untimely patient care.
“As a hospital let us serve as a role model for health lifestyles and let’s support each by encouraging one’s efforts to exercise, consume a healthy diet, reduce stress and improve interpersonal relationships,” said Dr Mhondiwa.
Furthermore, the hospital is advocating for a criteria to offer healthy foods to their staff and carryout sporting activities.
“Our hospital is advocating that in future we are going to have a criteria to offer healthy foods and a convenient place for staff members to eat outside.
“We will also resume sporting activities with the help of sponsorswill resume. In accordance to this our hospital has put in place measures to promote staff physical health and occupational safety,” he said.
During the symposium the hospital workers received different wellness services that include cervical cancer screening, prostate cancer screening, dental health care screening, medical aid registration among other services that were offered free of charge.

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