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Spoiled for choice



The other day I was in the Chibhoraniland ancient city near the more ancient houses of stone that you can never get tired of admiring. However what I was admiring on this beautiful day was the wide choice of churches that was before me. What was happening was that I was taking a walk on the outskirts of one of these residential areas where the houses are built so close to each other that neighbours can shake hands from their open windows. Gazing at the wide open space before me I counted 14 different groups of people gathered below different trees and wearing all sorts of different uniforms. These were different congregations of different churches worshiping on a Sunday morning ikoko kumasowe. Bear in mind that these were Sunday church goers and there are Saturday church goes who had already gathered the day before for their services. Then there are the also numerous mainstream churches most of them usually worshiping in church buildings.
Please don’t ask me how it is that we are having so many churches. That is a question for another day. What I know however is that the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ started with one single church and a handful of pastors. However right now we are having countless churches of different sizes in terms of membership with some comprising of the church leader, his several wives and a few children. You see the thing is if today right now I were to start my own church I would not fail to attract a sizeable congregation after which I can give myself a respectable title choosing from the list of pastor, mufundisi, bishop, evangelist, munhu waMwari, muporofita, etc, etc. That’s how easy it is to start a church. Then of course we hear stories of some of these church leaders going to local or international sangomas to seek powers to perform miracles or to attract large numbers of congregants with some of them actually getting filthy rich in the process.
As we flock to these numerous Chibhoraniland churches it is hoped that we turn out to be better people in terms of our behaviour as human beings. The country needs God-fearing people who can fight the social scourges we are currently facing. Crime is on the rise with criminals not hesitating to injure and kill. People are killing each other for flimsy reasons with parents even killing their own children. Rape cases are increasing with fathers raping their own daughters even as young as two years and even below. Adults and youths are deep into drug and alcohol abuse. The political scenario is marred by intolerance and violence. Corruption has become so normalized that it is openly practiced.
The question from me Sekuru Taurai is; where is the church in all this?

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