Son murders father for asking him to help in the fields


MWENEZI – A 26-year-old man from Tagarika Village under Chief Mazetese in Mwenezi has been arrested after he allegedly killed his father for asking him to help him plough in the family fields.

The incident happened last Thursday and Simbarashe Zhou is now docked for killing Tafara Zhou.

Headman Gwenzi confirmed the matter to Two Nations in a telephone interview and said the case is with Mwenezi Police.

Sources said Simba was asked by his father to help him plough in the field but he refused and a misunderstanding developed.
Simba’s father and mother then left the accused at home and proceeded to go and work in the fields. However, a while later, Simba followed his parents armed with an axe, a chisel and wooden drill. His mother tried to disarm him but he advanced towards her menacingly and she ran away.

The accused then went for the deceased who tried to take refuge behind a boulder but a chisel was thrown towards him hitting him in the head and he fell down.

He finished off his father with two strikes to the head and he bled profusely. The accused fled when his mother cried out to neighbours for help.

He was apprehended by neighbours when he came back to check the condition of his father.

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