Soldiers cause pandemonium in Gweru over curfew

Elizabeth Mashiri
Midlands Bureau

Gweru – Gweru residents, young and old were sent fleeing for dear life when soldiers went about beating commuters standing in queues waiting for transport to go home at around 4pm yesterday.

It was a painful sight for many to see elderly people puffing and huffing as they walked some 5km from the Central Business District to Mkoba.

The soldiers who were accompanied by Police officers arrived and ordered everyone to disperse from the queues and walk home. This was 2 hours before curfew deadline which starts at 6pm. They started assaulting people indiscriminately with button sticks.

Efforts to get a comment from the Midlands Province Covid-19 Task Force Chairperson Minister Larry Mavima were fruitless.

Midlands Police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Joel Goko said he is not aware of the matter but promised to investigate.

There was chaos as panic stricken residents ran in all directions.

At Mkoba rank a man who may be in his 70s was heavily assaulted by a lady soldier after he was spotted taking pictures.

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