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Six motorists fined for offering bribes to cops 


Six motorists fined for offering bribes to cops 


Theresa Zibowa

CHIKOMBA—Six motorists were fined between ZWL $20 000 and $40 000 by Chivhu Magistrate Sam Chitumwa for bribing Police manning roadblocks after they were arrested for various traffic offences. The motorists were arrested at the 141 km peg along the Harare-Masvingo highway on June 13 and 14, 2022. They offered Police between US$2 and US$10.
 The six are Rueben Pfundo (39), a Trip Bus conductor. McCharles Chaitezvi (30) and Trywell Magura (29), who are Liza cross-border truck drivers, Eliah Pfunzai (29), a private motorist Nelson Dhliwayo (38), an African Link Bus conductor and Courage Basarekudya (29), also a truck driver. The six pleaded guilty to the charge.

Prosecutor Taonga Masaire told the court that on June 13, 2022, at around 3pm, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Chivhu Anti-corruption taskforce, comprising CID and Police intelligence officers was deployed on routine Anti-corruption spot Checks.
The team first arrested Pfundo for offering constable Anesu Musananguro R200 to pass the roadblock without paying a fine of ZWL$6000 for three traffic offences. The taskforce then arrested Chaitezvi a Liza truck cross-border driver after he offered Musananguro a US$10 bribe to pass without paying $ 8 000 for four traffic offences.

Pfunzai was also arrested on the same spot for offering a USD$2 bribe to Musananguro to pass the checkpoint without paying $2 000 for traffic offences.
Dhliwayo, a bus conductor at African link Bus Company also arrested after offering US$ 10 to Musananguro to avoid paying $4000 for two traffic offences. Magura was the last to be arrested at around 4pm after offering a US$10 bribe to Musananguro to avoid paying $6 000 fine.
Basarekudya was arrested by the anti-corruption taskforce on June 14, 2022 after offering US$ 20 to Detective Sergeant Gift Milanzi for driving without an operator’s licence.
Pfundo, Chaitezvi and Dhliwayo were given $40 000 fines, Pfunzai $20 000, Magura $30 000 and Basarekudya $50 000.https://masvingomirror.com

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