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Sikhala appointed lawyer in murdered Ali’s case

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Sikhala appointed lawyer in murdered Ali’s case


Mirror Reporter

Masvingo – Job Sikhala has been appointed lawyer to preside over the case of CCC activist Moreblessing Ali (46) who was abducted on May 24 and her mutilated body was found dumped in a well in Nyatsime yesterday.
Sikhala who is breathing fire over the case confirmed his appointment in an interview with The Mirror today.
He declared that Ali was killed by a well-known terror group allegedly linked to Zanu PF and that the family is not going to be involved in the burial of Ali unless a full and transparent forensic investigation and postmortem is conducted.
Sikhala said as the family lawyer he must be involved at every stage.

“Police must conduct an open and transparent investigation where I as the family lawyer am involved at every stage including postmortem and forensic otherwise we are not going to participate in Ali’s burial,” said Sikhala.
He also declared that certain processes were going to be conducted to ensure that Ali’s spirit will not rest until she revenges against the people who murdered her.
“The signs are there. They thought that her body would not be found. It has been found and the next stage is to ensure that we won’t allow Ali’s spirit to rest until she revenges against her murderers,” added Sikhala.

Ali’s body was cut into two halves just above the hips with the bottom half on its own and the top half also on its own. It is suspected that there were some rituals done on her.
Sikala told The Mirror that Ali disappeared on Tuesday May, 24 at around 9pm as she left Chibhanguza Bar at Chibhanguza Business Centre in Chitungwiza. About five metres from the doorsteps of the bar, she was pulled away into the darkness and her friend Carion Marion cried out for help but was hit with a stone from a catapult, according to Sikhala.
People in the bar rushed out as they heard screams but they were forced to retreat back after stones started raining their way from the abductors.

Ali’s mobile phone continued ringing until 11pm when it went out for good, said Sikhala.
For the past three weeks until yesterday, no one knew where or whether Ali was dead or alive.
“There is a well-known Zanu PF terror group in Chitungwiza which is protected by the Police. Even Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Nyathi is making strenuous efforts to do the same. This gang wants to silence everyone and they are notorious for that. The murder of Ali is intended to send a message to the world that this gang can kill and get away with it,” said Sikhala.

He alleged that the gang leader of the terror group who is also a Police suspect in this case is Simba Chisango and his brother Pius Jamba. The two are born of the same mother but different fathers.
Sikhala further told The Mirror that Simba is there in Chitungwiza but his brother Pius is on the run.
The deceased’s body was found in a well at the homestead of Simba’s mother. Simba’s mother has not yet made any public statement.
The Mirror tried to get hold of Chisango but his number was off.https://masvingomirror.com/

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