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Shurugwi Town needs recreational facilities – Master planner

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Shurugwi Town needs recreational facilities – Master planner



SHURUGWI- Shurugwi recreational facilities have been rundown by illegal mining activities and there is need to build new facilities and clean water sources, the district’s lead master planner Sitambisiwe Ncube has said.
She told a master plan validation meeting held at Shurugwi Town Council boardroom yesterday that illegal miners have destroyed all recreational facilities and polluted water bodies.
Among the facilities is the once famed multipurpose Peak Mine Stadium that gave rise to many of the country’s famed athletes.
“There is need for a vocational training centre and recreational facilities since all of them have been run down by mining activities. Railway block Golf Course and Peak Mine Stadium has been invaded by miners.
“Ground water that residents relied on has been contaminated by chemicals from the mining activities. The water is no longer suitable for human consumption, watering crops or livestock consumption. Pit latrine toilets are also affecting ground water,” she bemoaned.
Shurugwi Town Council Housing Director Fortune Marevesa said the town does not have room for expansion and will incorporate surrounding farms.
“The town doesn’t have room for expansion. We are working towards incorporating surrounding farms as Bester, Magakushla and Adare into the town. We need room to expand the town,” said Marevesa.
Residents who attended the meeting complained that most land in the mining town is owned by mining companies and these companies have been known to evict them from their houses.
War veteran Isaac Chibendere said the town is facing a critical shortage of land for development because Zimasco has laid claim to the land.
“There is a map detailing that about 75% of the land in Shurugwi is owned by Zimasco. The land includes public amenities such as Peak Mine Stadium and golf courses. We have got a situation in Impali where miners bought mining certificates on council’s fully serviced land for residential stands. Right now they miners are destroying the land,” he said.

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