Shurugwi MP donates to mother of triplets

Shurugwi – The MP for Shurugwi South, Edmond Mukaratigwa has donated blankets, milk and food hampers to Sampeliso Sibanda who gave birth to triplets recently.
Mukaratigwa said he felt that he should assist the mother who comes from Makara Village in Ward 10 after being told about her by Chief Ndanga’s wife Emma Ndanga .He said that it was natural that any mother who gives birth to three children at one time will face difficulties, in particular financial to support the babies.
“I am happy with what MP Mukaratigwa has done for us. We were in hard times my husband does not go to work, we survive on peace works and with hard economy we hardly get money. We did not even have blankets,”Sibanda said after receiving the goodies from Mukaratigwa
From Ward 10, Mukaratigwa visited Romeo who looks after 15 orphans including a two-month old baby and donated goodies. He also had lunch with the orphans and was accompanied around by Shurugwi councilors namely Tapiwa Ndawana and Learnmore Zibuki who is a member of the District Cordinating Committee together with Chief Banga, Chief Ndanga and headman Mapendere.
At Tafara Orphanage he donated blankets, food hampers, paint for the homestead. He also donated Covid19 kits to all clinics in his constituency.
“I feel that we should give the vulnerable every time we can and as the father of the constituency, the community looks up to me,” said Mukaratigwa.
Romeo Makara who started running the orphanage in 2009 expressed his gratitude to the MP and said his donation was handy because the orphanage lives from hand to mouth.
He said that the Seventh day Adventist among other donors has been particularly helpful over the years.
“I look after 15 children and the MP has greatly assisted us because we live by begging,” said Makara.

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