Shurugwi home bakeries score successes


SHURUGWI – Shurugwi home bakeries are making a lot of successes amid skepticism that the public has about the business concept.
The home bakeries projects in Shurugwi North were initiated by Shurugwi North MP, Robson Nyati in August last year and he organised 20 different groups of women for the programme.
The women who are doing their operations from homes have been provided with RTGS$11 000 from the Women’s Bank which they used to procure flour and premix bread booster.
Plaxedes Maramwidze, a chairperson of the Ruzivo group told The Mirror in an interview that her project that involves 240 women got to instant success. She said that they were making 300 buns and 100 loaves of bread on a daily basis and they were selling all of it.
Maramwidze also told The Mirror that the bread was being sold to schools, clinics and other institutions in bulk and the women were making profits. They also sell single buns and loaves of bread.
Maramwidze said that the women wake up at 6am every morning and bake their bread by 7:30am which they then deliver to schools and clinics by 10am.
She thanked Shurugwi North MP Ronald Robson Nyathi for initiating the project.
“We are grateful to MP Nyathi for bringing this project to us and standing with us in these difficult times. The project is a big success for us,” said Maramwidze.
Nyathi said he felt for women because they have many roles to take care of but with limited sources of revenue. It is his priority to uplift the constituency but more so the women because of the burden that they carry including looking after the children.
“My heart bleeds for women because they always have limited resources and yet their basket of responsibilities is huge. I had to source money for them to get into these bakery ventures and indeed the projects are working for them,” said Nyathi.

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