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Shortage of equipment derails Gokwe roads rehabilitation

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Shortage of equipment derails Gokwe roads rehabilitation



GOKWE – Gokwe South is facing challenges in its road rehabilitation programmes because of lack of road maintenance equipment and loose Kalahari soils that require routine maintenance, Gokwe South Rural District Council CEO Jabulani Gute has said.
He said the lack of equipment is so dire that it is delaying the rehabilitation of roads in the district.
“We don’t have equipment and our district is huge. We need a lot of equipment to keep our roads to safe standards.
“Another challenge is that the soils are loose and they require frequent road maintenance. We therefore need to add gravel to these roads and compact them,” he said.
He appreciated the strides that council has made through devolution funds from ZINARA.
“We have made some strides through devolution funds. These allowed us to purchase two tipper trucks, a grader and a front end loader.
“We got an allocation of ZWL$466 million from ZINARA and through that funding we have managed to work on some roads that include Headman Gumberu access road, Ndabambi Secondary School and Clinic access road, Machakata- Chitapu clinic access road, Ngondoma Primary School access road amongst others,” he said.
Council looks forward to work on Sesame Constituency roads as the next area of priority.

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