Shebeen owner bashes cheating cop

It’s another week again and the ancient city was sizzling hot. I am sure this should go down in history because I have never experienced such heat ever since I started residing in this bushy area. KumaGumtree we are not aware of any climate change hedu, but we are lucky that news filtering through is that our esteemed leader was at the climate change summit in Glasglow. Although he addressed empty chairs, he managed to meet Boris and Joe.
The secretary of misinformation uya weNdava maNingi uyu was on record saying even Prince Harry asked our scarfed leader to arrange for him to meet our only premier league player Marvellous Nakamba. It turned out that the Prince had met the Aston villa team a long time. Asi iwe Ndava uno wanza Ndava Maningi iwe.
However, we are happy that all the noise about sanctions will soon vanish because the western imperialists were told openly by ED to remove the illegal sanctions which are hurting ordinary citizens, before atsvagirwa shamhu ine munyu.
That is why our Cde President refused to extend his hand first until a cowering Borris greeted him first and smiled and smiled and smiled. He was trying to politely apologize for putting Zimbabwe under illegal sanctions. Poor Borris, I feel for him. On the othe hand Joe was on bended knees begging for ED’s scarf. Zvinhu zvacho zvikaita basa zvine basa rei?
Anyway, like always that’s a story for another day. Now we are back kwedu kuRujeko. The guys veikoko vanoshuta mafirimu. HOTH has since started advocating for the an honorary medal for most of them.
Recently, I heard that a certain policewoman who works at that place where social misfits are send to college was severely beaten by this shabeen owner who happens to be her hubby after she lied to him that she was on night duty, but ended up roasting meat with her boyfriend paHillside apo. But Mai MaCourts hamunawo kunyanya kungwara henyu shuwa mungaendawo pachikomo apo here?
I know you are a beer guzzler. Munotobvisa rurimi paVic hotel apo everyday henyu after work, but dzimwe nhema dzinoda dzakati ngwarei kwete kuit saNick. Manje I have heard that Maki MaCourts wacho who happens to be the shebeen owner is bad news. I am told he trashed you all home. Hey, mai musada zvinhu zvekudaro.
Hanzi you were enjoying henyu braai when the hubby who was tipped by other imbibers gate-crushed your mini-party charging like a wounded buffalo. Iye akati he is a long man mbama yacho iganyamuto.

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