Sex scandal allegations rock tollgates company


GWERU – Allegations of sex scandals have rocked Intertoll Zimbabwe, a company that is running all tollgates along Mutare – Plumtree Highway and the cases are now under investigation.

Managers are accused of demanding sex from female employees in exchange of jobs and promotions and workers who fail to submit to the demands are allegedly victimised or fired, said the sources.

There is an outcry among the company’s female workers and the cases have since been reported to the Gender Commission.
Intertoll is a subsidiary of a South African company called Group 5 which was contracted by Government to  rehabilitate  the Mutare – Plumtree Highway on a build operate and transfer basis. Intertoll will be collecting money from nine tollgates until 2021.

Group 5 Director (Brand and Corporate Relations), Isabella Mathe Makuta confirmed the allegations to The Mirror and said hat investigations are being carried out.

The Mirror has a court document in which a former staffer in Gweru alleges that she was fired from the company because she declined sexual advances by a manager. The court document says the woman was fired for an offence that would otherwise attract a caution.

 “We acknowledge receipt of your e-mail. We have been made aware of allegations against Mr Malven Moyo. Please be informed that this matter is receiving our attention. An internal investigation is currently underway in line with our company policy on such matters.

“We take this matter very seriously, and as such appropriate action will be taken based on the outcome of the investigation,” said Makuta.

Price Waterhouse is understood to investigating the matter on behalf of Group 5.

Workers have formed social media groups in which they exchange information on the sexual abuses. One pregnant woman says a manager pestered her for sex despite that she was pregnant and married.

A sweeper at one of the tollgates was allegedly told that she would not get promoted as long as she does not submit to a manager’s demands for sex. She went for interviews and failed despite that she had the qualifications, said a source
The woman with a case at the courts says she was fired for allegedly throwing a ticket at a motorist at the tollgate. She however, argues in her court papers that a similar case happened with another worker before and she was just cautioned.

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