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Serima High teacher gives ultimatum to PED

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Serima High teacher gives ultimatum to PED

Masvingo Mirror

MASVINGO – A teacher at the Roman – Catholic run Serima High, Batsirai Ngugama has written a letter to Acting Masvingo Provincial Education Director (PED) Shylatte Mhike challenging an alleged CIO and Gutu District Schools Inspector (DSI) plot to remove him from the school.
Ngugama submitted his letter to Mhike after the DSI Ronald Muganhu refused to receive it last week, The Mirror has been told.

Mhike however, said she had not received the letter when contacted for comment by The Mirror.
The letter written through Ngugama’s lawyers Matutu Mureri Legal Practitioners gave Mhike 48 hours to respond. Speaking in an interview with The Mirror, Mureri said the ultimatum had lapsed and the matter was now going to be taken to the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Dr Evelyn Ndlovu.

Ngugama and his school head Progress Matongo were last week summoned by Muganhu who allegedly labelled the former as a security threat and needed to transfer from Serima and Gutu West Constituency before schools open for the first term.
Muganhu went ballistic when contacted for comment by The Mirror last week. He said that he was not afraid of lawyers but asked that Ngugama comes to see him at his office personally.

“I am not aware of this case. What did the teacher do? I have not seen such a letter,” said Mhike.
Muganhu told Ngugama that his transfer was not open for discussion and ordered him to find a school for a swop before the opening of the first term.In the letter, Matutu and Mureri gave Muganhu 48 hours to explain why he was labelling a mere school teacher, a security threat or face legal action.The lawyers warned Muganhu that the transfer he sought against Ngugama was illegal and of no force.

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