Serial murderer arrested in Shurugwi

Alvina Chiwanika


SHURUGWI – A serial murderer who fell in love with businesswomen and later killed them for their properties was arrested by Police at Chachacha Growth Point in Shurugwi yesterday.

Police yesterday retrieved the body of one of the victims allegedly killed by Emmanuel Mahembe (35) of Chief Banga, Shurugwi in May this year. The body of the victim who ran a bottle store at Banda Business Center in Shurugwi was found at Gutsaruzhinji Bridge along Gutsaruzhinji River in Shurugwi North on the road to Unki Mine. 

She was allegedly killed while coming from making a business order together with Mahembe.

Mahembe has up to the time of his arrest been driving the deceased woman’s blue Honda Fit.

Reports received this evening also indicate that the skeleton of the second victim, a woman from Zvishavane who ran a business at Chikato and allegedly murdered by Mahembe in August 2021 was recovered late this afternoon in Mutorahuku River in Makotore.

The names of the two women cannot be disclosed until their next of kin are informed.

There was pandemonium at Chachacha this afternoon as hundreds of people gathered around a Police vehicle demanding to be given a chance to beat the accused who was in the car.

Efforts to get a comment from Police Spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko were futile as he is yet to get full details of the cases.

The Mirror is told that on both occasions after murdering the businesswomen, Mahembe would take away their cellphones, IDs, bank cards and cars and start driving them around. He would go to the women’s children and tell them that their mothers had gone on a business mission to Mt Darwin or some other place.

He would then send messages to the children using their mothers’ phones and instruct them to give him money and other valuables from the shops. 

The matter came to light when the son of the second victim tried without success to talk to her mother on the phone. One of his messages to his mother was to make a voice call so he could at least hear her voice.

Worried about Mahembe’s regular visits and claims for money, he reported the matter to Police resulting in the arrest of the accused.

Mahembe allegedly revealed to Police that he killed both women.

In the case of the woman killed in 2021, he initially led Police to a wrong location at Mtevekwi River. Police failed to get the body and he later took them to Mutorahuku River where the body was found.

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