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SeedCo unveils new cabbage variety

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SeedCo unveils new cabbage variety


Sydney Mubaiwa


KWEKWE – Seed manufacturing giant, SeedCo Limited has unveiled a new cabbage seed variety, Kiwa F1 with a high yield of up to seven kg per head under optimum growing conditions.

SeedCo Sales Manager (Vegetables), Masimba Kanyepi told farmers that the dark blue-green colored variety is short seasoned, has a long shelf life and more wax that enables it to resist pests and less sugar making it apt for salads. 

He was addressing the farmers and various stakeholders including agro dealers, banks, chemical companies, fertilizer companies and nurseries during a field day at Sam Gomba’s farm in Kwekwe recently.

“Kiwa F1 cabbage variety is a short-seasoned variety with early maturity characteristics. It has a long shelf life and has more wax which enables it to resist pests.

“SeedCo Vegetables has long provided cutting – edge solutions for customers in diverse open – field and protected environments. By bringing together world-class experts and resources from across its stakeholders SeedCo enables our distributors to provide value to our customers and partners in new and exciting ways,” he said.

Kanyepi added that the cabbage has a high cut-off percentage of more than 90% and more than 22 days field holding capacity. 

SeedCo Vegetables was established in 2014 through the acquisition of Prime Seeds. The seed maker is investing in plant breeding to develop cost-effective and high yielding varieties that boost agriculture output and national food security.

It has also expanded its tomato seed basket to include the new Amul variety which is neither round nor elongated but has characteristics that makes it fit into all the market needs. 

Other cabbage cultivars, Majesty and Dephine like Kiwa F1 are stable across environments and seasons and they also offer the best resistance against Black rot (Xanthomonas campetris) which is very devastating in this crop species. 

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