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Security company manager trashes ZANU PF commissar

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Security company manager trashes ZANU PF commissar



BEITBRIDGE – Tapiwa Rutsati, Seasec Security general manager has trashed a statement by a Zanu PF district commissar claiming that his company’s services at Beitbridge Border Post will be terminated shortly as naïve and nonsense.
Lawrence Mambanje, a district political commissar posted a video that went viral in which he accused Seasec of flooding its workforce with CCC supporters.
Seasec is the main security company providing security servives to premises and other areas at the border post.
Mambanje also claimed that Seasec’s contract will be terminated shortly and a new company that will provide security services will be announced. He said that the new company will employ ZANU PF members only. He invited ZANU PF leadership to bring lists of youth who campaigned for President Mnangagwa in the 2023 elections so that they could be employed.
ZANU PF national political commissar, Mike Bimha dismissed Mambanje’s utterances and said Government programs are meant to benefit everyone.
Rutsati dismissed the assertions that a new company will be posted to Beitbridge.
He described Mambanje as naïve and suggested that he does a bit of research and find out who Seasec is. He said Seasec was not anywhere close to CCC and was not going anywhere.
“Tell the guy circulating that video that he is sick. It’s not true that we are ceasing our operations at the border because tender procedures are still going on. He doesn’t have facts yet he claims to know. His assertions on something that has not yet happened are dangerous.
“If he was someone who cares to do his research, he would be shocked by the political affiliation he is attributing us. CCC members cannot associate with us even if we try to associate with them,” said Rutsati
“I have not heard about it, I have never heard of such a position from the ruling party. Government programs are meant to benefit every Zimbabwean,” said Bimha.
Mambanje confirmed his utterances in a telephone interview.
““In June or July, a new security company is taking over at the border post and its only ZANU PF youths who campaigned for the President Mnangagwa who will get jobs. Those who previously got opportunities to work for other security companies that already left will not get first priority. There is no CCC supporter who will get a job at the border, they should go and work at Chamisa’ s border posts and leadership should take note and ensure our youths benefit,” he said in a video.
Beitbridge Urban Residents Association chairperson, Timothy Zendera rubbished Mambanje’s statement as cheap and dangerous politicking. He said workers should only be recruited on the basis of their qualifications.
Beitbridge East Member of Parliament, Albert Nguluvhe said it’s not within the ruling party constitution and for as long as a person has qualifications, he or she should be considered.
“The security company is a private organisation and they employ anyone they want,” he said.

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