School head, teacher refused rice after ED Cleanup Campaign


MASVINGO – There was fracas at Glow Service Station in Masvingo CBD after a councillor defied instructions and refused to give a school head and a teacher 3kg rice each allocated to them for attending President Mnangagwa’s cleanup campaign held in Mpandawana on March 6, 2020.
The Mirror understands that the Vic High School bus left Mpandawana with 103 passengers who were all from the Cleanup campaign and this included the head at Hunduza and a teacher at Guchacha Primary School.
A Zanu PF official is said to have entered the bus before it left and counted the number of passengers and left seven bags which he instructed to be shared equally among those in the bus.
Sources said the happy lot left the venue merry-making and stopped at various business centers including Zishumbe where they would buy beer and drink from the school bus.
Tempo changed when the head and teacher asked for their share as they disembarked at Glow. The councilor for Masvingo Rural Ward 11, Petros Jorodani refused to give them and declared that the rice was for people from Sipambi Ward 11 only.
Sympathetic party supporters in the bus pleaded with the councilor to give the two school heads rice since they were counted among those who were going to get the rice but he vehemently refused.
Being civil servants governed by codes of ethics, the two had no option but to tuck their tails between their legs and walk away empty handed.
Jorodani said everyone from Gutu got rice. He said it was only sometime back when they were coming from First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa’s rally in Zaka that they did not give two men who boarded the bus along the way some rice.
Efforts to get comments from the head and teacher were fruitless.
“I was also part of the crew which was in the bus, when the two asked for their rice the councillor denied them and ordered them to go and receive from their own ward yet when we were in Gutu they were also counted and their share was there”, said a source who was on board.

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