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Sawara beats up people after his wife busts his affair

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Sawara beats up people after his wife busts his affair


I am not happy because our city’s social and moral values have sunk so low that we longer represent hunhu or umuntu as a society. That is why I didn’t start with a greeting. Anyway, makasimba chere vanhumi. Isu kuno kumagumtrees tinotamba hedu. Ko kahunhu kamavakuita mutown ndokapi aka.
HOTH is always at your disposal all you would want to know about our small town is at his fingertips. Ko tomboda zvevanhu vainoita sevane bipolar disorder here? Tiri kusangana nechihure chiri pamasteroids. Hapachina zviya zvokuti ichi chihure chakaenda kuprivate school because chihure chacho chanyanya.
Anyway, I will go deeper into that issue in another episode. I heard there is another guy anorova waimonerera doing errands for his boss. Iye uya wekubazi rekuongorora maengine check lights, which is being led by the one and only Jenarari boss Cader. Yes, I think you get the guy.
I don’t know if it is by design or by accident that his boss is in another love storm in which his side chick is being dragged to court and her property is being auctioned for adultery, and his driver is also locked in another love triangle. Hanzi ibwititi chairo hondo yekuUkraine chaiyo.
By the way the Cde Mashofe hanzi he has invested in another woman and is going out with that other employee who is found at the hospital and gives aide to the nurse. I heard through his influence he found her a job at our biggest garage in the province. The problem hanzi yava pakuti the lady iye Hope uya thinks she is now the boss and she is bossing everyone around.
Apawo iye Mashofe let’s call him Sawara if you don’t mind. I know some of you would want to call him Saware or vamwe vanoda kuita manosy vaya vanoda kudanira pachirungu vanoti Siwali. I don’t care which way you want to call him but the fact remains he is our main man this week. I am told the guy is going out with Hope.
Vakomanaka kana Mwari variko vazhinji vanoita denga rekugoogla. Iye Hope kutochinja nesurname kutora yapastor achiimba nziyo dzaMwari apa achitora murume wemunhu. She clearly knew that the guy is married but she went on to insert herself into their relationship causing unnecessary suffering to the wife apa achishamatata nziyo dzaMwari. Zvakaoma varume.
So, I heard that the wife finally discovered the four-year-old affair. When she confronted Cde Sawara he went on to beat up everyone at the hospital accusing them of snitching to his wife. Cde musanyepera kudzungaira imi. So you think for four years these people were deaf and dumb that they couldn’t snitch on you?
Saka because you are driving the boss you can get away with murder? HOTH heard you have a case at the police after you assaulted this other woman. But why? Ngenyi uchidaro iwe? I have my reservations about your kind of behaviour. I have little time today but I will delve much into the subject matter next time.
Until we meet again, bye for now.

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