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Sangoma orders miner to bed mother, daughter to succeed

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Sangoma orders miner to bed mother, daughter to succeed



CHIKOMBA — A Zhombe sangoma identified as Sekuru Mukanya has landed a Chivhu artisanal gold miner in Police custody after he allegedly told him to bed his mother or daughter to succeed.
Mashonaland East Police Spokesperson, Simon Chazovachiyi told The Mirror that Talent Mudzinge (35) of Featherstone was arrested for raping his daughter (name withheld) aged eight.
“We urge the public to quickly report rape cases so that victims can immediately get assistance. Anyone can be a potential abuser of children,” said Chazovachiyi.
Mudzinge allegedly told arresting officers that he took Sekuru Mukanya’s advice and raped his daughter. He allegedly said that he had been told to either bed his mother or daughter and he chose the latter.
The incident happened last Friday around 2 am.
Circumstances are that Mudzinge went into a kitchen where the girl was sleeping with her brother (11).
He sent her to go and collect some clothes in his bedroom and followed her into the room.
Mudzinge then raped and ordered her to return to the kitchen and not to disclose the matter to anyone.
The minor narrated her ordeal to her grandmother in the morning and she in-turn informed one of her children who then accompanied the minor to file a Police report at Featherstone Police Station.
Mudzinge was arrested and he told Police details that he consulted a Zhombe sangoma known as Sekuru Mukanya who told him to have sexual intercourse with his mother or daughter to succeed as an artisanal miner. The minor was referred to Chivhu District Hospital to be examined.

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