SA returnee lures girl (13) with R200, rapes her


MWENEZI – Sherpherd Tsaurayi is in court after he lured a 13-year-old girl with R200 promising to buy clothes but then allegedly raped her.

The case happened on October 28, 2020 at Lundi Business centre when Tsaurayi met the juvenile at the shopping centre. He allegedly showed the complainant R200 and told her that he wanted to buy her some clothes.

The accused took the juvenile into his vehicle and drove away to a seclude area where he stopped and went to the backseat where she was seated and proposed love to her.

The girl rejected the proposal but the accused advanced towards her, kissed her and forced her to lie down on the seat and forcibly removed the complainant’s pants.

Tsaurayi removed his trousers and had sex with the juvenile without her consent.
She later opened the door and ran away and reported the matter to her relatives leading to the arrest of the accused.

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