SA based Zaka architecture releases gospel track


MASVINGO –South Africa based architecture Marlion Svuure has released his debut track titled Jehovah Munondigonera.

The song encourages people to have faith in and praise God under all circumstances. It was released on April 20 and is available on YouTube and MyTrackZW.

Durban based Svuure told The Mirror that his vision is to be a world acclaimed gospel artist.

Svuure hails from Zaka where his brother Davison is the MP for Zaka central constituency.

“This is my first song and I am working on shooting a video for it. I want to be an acclaimed gospel artist whose message speaks to the people. The song speaks about the goodness of God, His ability to protect us in all battles that we encounter in life.

“I enjoy music and I produced Jehovah Munondigonera. I am inspired by Michael Mahendere and Mathias Mhere. My family is supportive of me and are urging me to continue singing,” said Svuure.

Svuure is a member of United Family International Church (UFIC) and is married to Petronella Hondo with whom they have two children Mudiwa and Tadiwa.

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