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Russia-Ukraine live news: Moscow launches full-scale invasion

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Russia-Ukraine live news: Moscow launches full-scale invasion


As multi-pronged attack on several Ukrainian cities begins, Kyiv accuses Russia’s Putin of ‘war of aggression’.

By David Child and Farah Najjar

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin launches Ukraine invasion.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy declares martial law throughout the country, says Ukraine will “win”.
  • Ukraine’s military says about 50 Russian forces have been killed and six warplanes destroyed in fighting so far.
  • Western powers condemn Moscow’s move, with US President Joe Biden warning the world will “hold Russia accountable”.
  • Crisis escalated after Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine requested Moscow’s assistance.

14 mins ago (09:23 GMT)

Finland is ready to receive refugees from Ukraine, PM says

Finland is prepared to receive refugees from Ukraine, the country’s prime minister has said.

“[Finland’s] ministry of interior for its part is preparing to receive refugees from Ukraine,” Sanna Marin told reporters.

Both Marin and Finland’s President Sauli Niinisto have strongly condemned Russia’s attack.

“Despite prior warnings this morning has come as a shock for all of us and our deepest feelings are with Ukrainian people,” Niinisto said.

16 mins ago (09:21 GMT)

Russian attack causes panic in Kyiv as people flee

The sound of explosions on the edge of Ukraine’s capital and air sirens set off by a full-scale Russian invasion of the country have prompted the city residents to panic and flee for safety.

21 mins ago (09:15 GMT)

Lithuanian parliament to consider state of emergency declaration

The Lithuanian parliament will decide whether to declare a state of emergency later on Thursday following Russia’s moves in Ukraine, President Gitanas Nauseda says.

The Baltic state, a former Soviet republic that is now part of NATO and the European Union, will also propose that further sanctions should be imposed on Belarus over its alleged role in the invasion.

23 mins ago (09:13 GMT)

What’s next for global energy prices?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine spells higher energy prices worldwide amid fears of supply disruptions.

26 mins ago (09:10 GMT)

Sanctions not enough to stop Russia: Analyst

Fabrice Pothier, chief strategy officer at consultancy firm Rasmussen Global and a former director of policy planning at NATO, says Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine is “not surprising”.

“Putin … wants to rebuild Russia’s empire,” Pothier told Al Jazeera.

“And while the US and EU sanctions packages sound impressive, and there is indeed a lot of unity and coordinated talks [among Kyiv’s allies], the bottom line is that this is not enough to stop Putin from following his twisted vision,” he added.

“NATO is not willing to put any soldiers on Ukrainian soil and Putin knows this very well and therefore he can go all the way forward to Kyiv.”

36 mins ago (09:00 GMT)

Dozens of Russian forces killed, Ukraine says

Ukraine’s military says about 50 Russian forces have been killed and six warplanes destroyed amid fighting in the country’s east.

40 mins ago (08:56 GMT)

Watch the moment Putin announced Russia’s Ukraine incursion

Here’s the moment Russia’s president announced Moscow’s decision to invade Ukraine, a move he referred to as “a military operation” in the country’s eastern Donbas region.- Aljazeera. https://masvingomirror.com


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