Rusape starts budget consultations


RUSAPE – Rusape Town Council, one of the several bustling urban centers of Manicaland has started its 2022 budget making processes.

The budget consultative meetings started at the Council board room with workers committee on October, 18, 2021 and is expected to be completed by end of this week.

Newly appointed Acting Town Council Secretary Fanseni Shuwa confirmed the process in an interview with The Mirror.

For the first time in the history of the small farming town, the process is being led by a broad budget committee with representatives from interest groups covering many areas.

The committee which comprises groups from the church, business, war veterans, people with disabilities, youths, women and residents associations is chaired by Tapiwa Mashiri

Some residents however, complained that the process started shakily because of the contradictions that arise from the broad-based budget committee. Others said the committee was a good idea and it must be given time to jelly together and find its feet.

“Rusape came up with the idea of a budget committee that is inclusive, to include everyone in the process. The mandate of the committee is to drive the budgeting process to make sure that no one is left. Everyone’s voice must be heard and contribute to Rusape development discourse,” said Shuwa.

Shuwa said the committee will improve transparency and accountability to avoid friction between the local authority and its various stakeholders.

A senior resident Elfas Makuhurane however accused council of not giving adequate notice to the public about consultation meetings hence the low turnout.

“There hasn’t been enough notice hence the apathy. This results in the rubber-stamping of the council’s ideas and views and such will erode confidence in the council” he said.

Combined Rusape Residents Trust Chairperson Godfrey Mufuranhewe complained that there were people in the committee who had relationships with managers at council and would therefore not be objective.

“The committee is supposed to be independent and we have different groups who are supposed to inspire confidence in the whole process,” said Mufuranhewe.

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