Runyararo Primary head loses US$$3 757 case


MASVINGO – Runyararo Primary head Tsungirai Gono and the School Development Committee (SDC) have lost a case in which they wanted to pay an IT expert for services rendered to the school in RTGS$ instead of the agreed US$.

The school wanted the whole debt cancelled allegedly because IAO DTECH Consultancy director, David Israel Angels had contravened Statutory Instrument 212 of 2019 (exclusive use of the Zimbabwean dollar for domestic transactions) by charging in US$. Runyararo head, the SDC and Angels had running battles over the matter with the latter demanding that he be paid in US$ for the computers he supplied to the school and the computer networking he did. Angels took the matter to court after the school refused to the US$.

Runyararo Primary was ordered to pay the debt in US$ after hearing arguments from the two parties. The school was represented by Rodney Makausi of Makausi Law Chambers. The work was done between February 12 and 24, 2020. Angels also told the court that Gono was demanding bribes for her to authorise US$ payments.

The SDC argued that IAO DTECH Consultancy contravened the exchange control regulations citing statutory instrument 212 of 2019 (exclusive use of the Zimbabwean dollar for domestic transactions). Angels cited SI 212 of 19 (4d) which states that transactions conducted through authorized dealers for which payments are permitted to be in any foreign currency in terms of any directive issued in terms of section 35 of the exchange control regulations.

“The application is dismissed with no order as to costs,” reads the verdict given to the special plea. The matter has been in the courts since March 2020 when Gono filed a peace order against Angels accusing him of disturbing her peace by going to her residence in ZBS Masvingo and calling her on her phone demanding payment. Masvingo boutique robbed of US$22 000 men, women suits.

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