Rujeko man forces 8-year-old boy on his wife

Hello everyone. I hope you are doing fine and everyone is enjoying every moment of the week. HOTH is trying to dry up his blankets kumaGumtree kwake uko after some showers that we experienced over the weekend. Mega munomuziva mutirivhoni wacho.
I am in cloud nine this week because ndakakwira chitima that has been rotting for years chakamira. Only to be brought out to ferry us to Route anchor (Rutenga) to meet the President. Talking of Rutenga reminds me that Zimbabweans or Africans at large are known for bastardizing other languages. I am sure Afrikaans was the most affected. I know Broek was pronounced as Bhurugwa, Jaas as jazi, Stoelen as Chituro, Roek as Rokwe, Doek as Dhuku, Voetkoek as Fetikuku and so on.
Yes, HOTH got a seat on the train to Rutenga. That sounds original right? Of course, we were singing anti-sanctions songs even though we are not listed as Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and Blocked Persons by the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Hezvo chii ichocho? Pasi nemasanctions chete!!!
How could they deny our leaders a chance to take their girlfriends shopping while enjoying in the best hotels, drinking the best whiskey in the world, and buying the best trinkets for them? Shame on the US and their foreign-sponsored activists. Sanctions are hurting us because our leaders are not allowed to seek the best medication out of the country. After all, our health sector has collapsed.
Those illegal sanctions must be removed because our leader’s children are not allowed to attend the best schools in Europe. After all, our education system is in shambles. They can’t attend school in those stinking holes. Every society should respect its Snowballs and Squealers because they are more equal than others. This is not booty licking but patriotism. Pasi nemasanctions Patinomawana akaunganidzwa tomapisa chete!!! Well, let’s leave that for a moment timboita zvekubvisa bhabharazi remukumbi watakamwa kuRutenga.
On a serious note, guys HOTH is shocked that we still living in the medieval era when we people used to think for one to be in the top echelon and get recognized in the community, they should use a bit of some juju. I am told one Rujeko man just got arrested last week for forcing an eight-year-old boy on his wife. But Magwada, Mugwadi, Mangwanda whatever the name ita mushe iwe.
The boy used to leave home saying he was going to watch television next door. I heard the young boy aisungwa nered cloth maziso ozorwa mafuta kumeso. I don’t know what that was for, but the young boy would hit the old lady apa murume wacho akachitsika musana. I don’t think there was a real penetration, but they just want that contact chete.
However, I heard the young boy got addicted to the extent that he asked for puna…i pasowe from Madzimai. Shuwazve pasowe riya rekuRhodene. Mpfanha kutotsoma items pasowe here vakomana. I am not a saint hangu, but this issue of training kids to love forbidden fruit should not be condoned. Thanks to Mabhurakwacha (Black watchers) as these native Uncle Sams were called by the Rhodies for bringing the couple to book. Now, it’s left to the courts to finish the whole story.
Hanzi the boy was thrashed before one of Madzibaba prayed for him and the boy started shouting on top of his voice while gyrating in a suggestive way that he wants his wife mai Mugwada. It turned out that Madzibaba is a cop who started investigating the matter leading to Mugwada and his wife’s arrest. Asi mai Mainwei chaizvo paya? Or it was just rubbing the small thing against your hidden face.
I don’t know hangu what was happening but I heard the boy is now suffering from a funny disease which is taking him from one hospital to another. The boy has developed genital warts and has some discharge. Asi usadaro mhani Mugwadi. I am happy hangu this is a true story and the police have done their work.

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