Rujeko becomes centre of coronavirus in Masvingo


MASVINGO – A clinic in the populous suburb of Rujeko has been chosen to become the quarantine centre of coronavirus patients in Masvingo Province.
Masvingo Provincial Medical Director (PMD) Amadeus Shamu confirmed this in an interview with The Mirror and said that the Ministry of Health and Childcare in consultation with Masvingo City Council are renovating and upgrading Council run Rujeko Clinic into the province’s coronavirus centre.
Shamu said they are fixing the place and are still assessing the number of beds which can be accommodated at the clinic. He emphasised that there were no coronavirus suspects at the moment and the centre is being set up as a precautionary measure.
 “We are doing quick renovations and upgrades at Rujeko Clinic as we are turning it into the province’s coronavirus centre where those showing symptoms will be tested.
“Those in close vicinity have nothing to fear or panic about as the virus is not airborne,” said Shamu.
Dr Shamu also added the Ministry of Health will deploy doctors and nurses to the clinic who will work with council staff at the hospital.

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