RTGS$6 000 salary: Zvish council workers down tools


ZVISHAVANE – Zvishavane Town Council workers have downed tools and refused to go to work until they get a salary above the poverty datum line.

The workers told The Mirror that they earn RTGS$6 000 a month and yet managers are getting cellphone allowances of US$100 and 100 litres of fuel a month for personal use among many other perks.

The workers downed tools this morning forcing town secretary Tinoda Mukutu and the Mayor Khulekani Ndlovu to come and address them. They said management promised to increase their salaries on approval of the local authority’s 20121 budget by the Ministry of Local Government.

The budget has since been approved, they said.

Khulekani Ndlovu the council chairman said that the workers have agreed to hold another meeting with management on Tuesday next week.

The town secretary Mukutu as usual refused to talk to The Mirror.

Workers’ committee chairman Pilot Mhuka said workers want the salaries agreed during the budget consultations to be implemented.

“Zvatavunganira pano mose munozviziva. Isu tati tavuya kuzochema kuna baba vomusha. Tinohwa zhara, mari yavanotipa haichakwani, vana havachaendi kuchikoro, school fees dzakakwira. Kupinda mapote umo upfu hwacho hauchatengeki saka veduwe, vaMu….. tinohwa zhara matumbu haana chinhu awa! (We all know why we are gathered here. We are here to cry to our father. We are hungry, the money you pay us is not enough. Children have stopped going to school. If you get into Pote, our salaries are not even enough to buy mealie meal. We are hungry we have nothing in out tummies as you look at us,” said Vayne Mugaduri. https://masvingomirror.com

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